Media Coverage


  • Producer of six tele-casted distance teaching programs for cable TV in 1989. The programs were digitized and made available online in 2005. One of the programs included an interview with William Gates Jr., CEO of Microsoft Inc.
  • Interviewed as expert on online education in Norwegian national television (NRK and TV2)
  • Interviewed as expert on online education in Danish national Television (DR1 and DR2)

Online Interviews

Multimedia interviewMorten Flate Paulsen is interviewed by Jane (a Voxit Budgie computerized voice) about the book Online Education. The interview is available as:

Written Interviews

An interview in Learning Review España No 5, 2009. The interview is available online in Spanish La educación online exitosa debe ser robusta y sustentable and English.
In its July-August 2007 issue, Educational Technology Magazine published a six pages Interview with Morten Flate Paulsen in the series "Q & A with Ed Tech Leaders".
On 26.04.07 EdNews published An Interview with Morten Flate Paulsen: Focusing on His Theory of Cooperative Freedom in Online Education.
An interview with Morten Flate Paulsen about online education trends and challenges before a conference presentation at Akureyri, Iceland, 31.05.02.
An Online Interview with Morten Flate Paulsen about Instructional Technology and online education. By Melissa Alperin for the InTRO web site at the Georgia State University

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