Dec 30, 2010

An industrial revolution of video lectures

Since video lectures seem to pop up all over the Internet, I wonder how this phenomenon will influence future distance and e-learning. Personally, I notice that an increasing number of presentations by EDEN colleagues are available as online videos, but I ponder if university resources are well spent on mass production of web lectures.

Nov 25, 2010

Global student presentations - a unique source of knowledge about online students

This is a translation by Nicolas Lemarchand of an interview that was written by Torhild Slåtto and published in NVL

In the NKI learning environment, there are over 12,500 students, at least as many as any of the largest four State colleges in Norway. Students have been wandering around in virtual hallways for decades - now they don't need to be lonely anymore. They have a face on the internal network. Furthermore - they can choose who gets access to their profile: just themselves and NKI, fellow students, or all Internet-users. Until now more than 1,600 published their profiles on the net. And this figure is growing day by day, becoming a vast source of knowledge about who are these invisible students?

Oct 7, 2010

Cooperative Freedom in Guadalajara

I recently gave a keynote presentation in Guadalajara titled Cooperative freedom, transparency and student profiles in online education. The Powerpoint presentation is available at

May 20, 2010

E-viva em Portugal - English version

This school year, I have lived in the Portuguese coastal town of Cascais, half an hour train ride west of Lisbon. I have an appointment as professor associado at Universidade Aberta and teach the online course Processos Pedagógicos em Elearning as a part of the master program Mestrado em Pedagogia do Elearning. It has in many ways been an exciting and challenging experience and as you will see in this article, I have had great pleasure of embedding a variety of examples of the students' work here.

Apr 8, 2010

E-viva em Portugal

Dette skoleåret har jeg bodd i den portugisiske kystbyen Cascais en halv times togtur vest for Lisboa. Jeg har et engasjement som professor associado ved Universidade Aberta og underviser i nettkurset Processos Pedagógicos em Elearning som inngår i masterprogrammet Mestrado em Pedagogia do Elearning. Det har på mange måter vært en spennende og utfordrende erfaring slik det fremgår av denne artikkelen hvor jeg har hatt stor glede av å inkludere (embedde) mange studentarbeider i teksten.