Jun 9, 2012

EDEN's Best Research Paper Award

EDEN's Best Research Paper Award is granted yearly during the Annual Conference Dinner. The Award is presented in collaboration with the Ulrich Bernath Foundation for Research in Open and Distance Learning, with the support of a distinguished Jury.

Rapetti congratulated by Bø and Paulsen
This year, former President of EDEN Ingeborg Bø chaired the jury and presented the Best Paper Award at the conference dinner on June 8th.  

This year's winners were Emanuele Rapetti and Lorenzo Cantoni from Universita della Svizzera Italiana in  Switzerland. Their paper is titled Reconsidering "Gen Y" & Co: From Minding the Gap to Overcoming it.

The decision of the jury was unanimously, and the laudation included the following statement:

In the Jury's judgement this paper is an excellent  contribution to the theme of the conference on „Open Learning Generations - Closing the Gap from Generation 'Y' to the Mature Lifelong Learners“ and it is best  in  presenting applicable and transferable results based on a solid methodological approach. The findings are critically discussed with references to the relevant literature and with creative ideas for further research.  

The other finalist were:
  • Do Men Learn in Order to Earn? Motives for Lifelong Learners to Choose Web-Based Courses and the Relationship with Age, Gender, Parenthood and Rate of Studies
    Ron Mahieu, Simon Wolming, Department of Education, Umea University, Sweden
  • Generational Distinctiveness in the Time Use of Working Distance Learners
    Bill McNeill, The College of Estate Management, United Kingdom
  • Personalisation in e-Learning ? The Key for Success in Learning in Later Life
    Sonia Hetzner, Eline Leen, Innovation in Learning Institute - ILI, Germany
Congratulations to the winners and the finalists!

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