Jun 27, 2012

New job opportunities

Dear colleagues and friends,

I have sent a letter of resignation to NKI, which means that I will end my work at NKI Nettstudier September 30th. Now, my ambitions are to use my competency and network to build an international education- and consultancy operation.

This has been a difficult decision. I’m really thankful for NKI’s longstanding support of my professional development which has made it possible for me to become professor of online education and president of EDEN. However, NKI is now in a tough transformation process with new opportunities and challenges. The prevailing targets and the methods of accomplishing them are making it increasingly difficult for me to feel that I’m contributing sufficiently.

I'm extremely proud of our achievements during the 25 years that have passed since I thought NKI’s first online, distance education course. You know that I care a lot about transparent and cooperative online education, especially the unique opportunities it gives to all the devoted online students and teachers. It's heartwarming to think about our individual planning system, the response and quality barometers, the learning partner services, the global student profiles and all the other innovative online education services we have pioneered. I like to think that this has been of great benefit for the 55.000 online students we have enrolled in nearly 200.000 courses since 1987.

I'm convinced that the future is bright for online education, and I hope that NKI will continue its impressive progress for 25 more years. I wish success and happiness - to all my dear friends and colleagues at NKI Nettstudier. I will miss you, and everything we have achieved together.

I believe that opportunities multiply when we look for them. Now, I look forward to build my new education- and consultancy operation and to work with my good Norwegian and international colleagues in further pursuit of quality, development and innovation in distance and online education.

With warm regards from Morten


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